Monday, November 3, 2008

A Witches Brew!

Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble.

Are You Feeling Witchy? ;)
This November, let's have fun making our own Halloween recipe by incorporating 5 of the ingredients below.

1. eye of newt --- 2 buttons

2. toe of frog --- 2 swirl chipboard

3. wool of bat --- 3 different kinds of ribbons

4. tongue of dog --- 6 Prima flowers

5. Adder's fork --- 1 metal embellishment

6. blind worm's sting --- 1 sheer embellishment

7. lizard's leg --- 8 brads

8. owlet's wing --- 1 transparency

9. scale of a dragon --- 1 stamped sentiment
10. tooth of wolf --- journal written using a white pen

11. root of hemlock --- include stitching

12. fillet of a fenny snake --- AC Thickers (Alphas only)

You can add other things as long as it's not in the list.
No limit on papers.

*This Witches Brew challenge comes to you courtesy of Sookie*

Here are our Layouts with the Ingredients Requested...






Happy November to All our Friends! We hope you will have a great month and if you have some time to be a little "witchy", do come and join in our mix of brew challenge this month.

Please email us your layout to

Challenge will run from
November 3rd ~ November 29th
Last entry @ 12noon

There's a RAK Prize for a winner sponsored by
{Create} Team.

Enjoy your November!


Gracie said...

just wanted to clarify, do we have to use All of the materials mentioned? Thanks!

Sophia said...

This looks like such an "evil" potion!!! My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the long list! For a moment I thought we have to incorporate all the elements until I re-read the instructions again. LOL!

Gracie, I think we only need to use any 5 from their list of concoctions!!!

Gracie said...

Oh thanks Sophie! I guess I was overwhelmed with the long list & missed the part where it said use atleast 5 of the elements. LOL

Edleen said...

Gracie & Sophia, hope you'll find the "right" ingredients and come join in the fun :D

Vivs said...

wheee interesting challenge for this month~!

Anonymous said...


Great Scrapbooks, innivative idea , I like it! You seem like you apreciate good art

Check out my profile if you have a minute.