Monday, August 20, 2007


Pronunciation: 'gra-t&-"tüd, -"tyüd Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French or Medieval Latin; Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin gratitudo, from Latin gratus grateful : the state of being grateful : THANKFULNESS

We Wish to Thank Everyone for Participating in our Monthly challenges here at
{Create} Make It Happen.

We are excited to Announce that we have received some lovely news! :)

As you know, our Monthly Challenges are OPEN to EVERYONE in Singapore and Across The Miles :)

Our friend and also Design Team member for a few Australian scrapbooking websites Michelle Vass, has kindly offered to sponsor an additional RAK Prize to participants who resides in Australia for the Red & White Challenge in the month of August.

Thank You Michelle! :)

And Singapore's very own Emeline Seet will also be sponsoring RAK Prizes for the Month of September & October.

Thank You Emeline! :)

Something exciting will be coming up for our challenge in the Month of September too! So do stay tuned!

For our August Red & White Challenge, all entries are truly amazing!!!
You gals ROCK!!

And there's still time to {Create} more layouts, so do send them in! :)
Challenge ends on August 30th, so keep them coming!

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