Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations Felicia!
You are our 6x12 Challenge Winner :)

Please email us with your details or if you'd like to
come meet us for Coffee or Tea! *wink*

Thanks to Everyone who participated.
We were awed with everyone's gorgeous layouts!

Please come back and visit us on
August 1st
for our next exciting challenge :)


Jenn Tan said...

Congratulations Felicia! Hope to meet you for the prize presentation, if you are free!

Once again to all scrappers, THANK YOU! for all the entries.. :)

Felicia said...

Thanks!! :)

Just curious... How do you all select the winner?

When can we meet up? I would love to meet..

Foo said...

congrats Felicia...

SB said...
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Jo said...

congrats felicia !!!

Kristy Harris said...


Congrats, I hope you enjoy your prize!!!


TeamGroovie said...

Congrats Felicia!

to answer your question, Everyone Is A Winner! :)

we get our Little Ones to participate as well to pick one lucky name :)

yes! we'd love to meet you!


Wati Basri said...


Lynna said...

Congrats Felicia !! ;-)

feli said...

Thank you everyone!! :)

TeamGroovie said...

Everyone Is A Winner in {Create} :)

Felicia, we will send you an email on where and when to meet up to collect the RAK prize. :)


salme said...

congrats, felicia!

Stephanie Mah said...

Congrats Felicia.:)